Dress code

1. During the televised matches on Sunday, the use of commercial advertising material on any part of the clothing is restricted to three sponsor logos (max. size 4 x 12 cm.) and one logo from the organizers. A sponsor logo can be refused if it is in contradiction with the sponsor of the tournament.
2. The organizers reserve the right to require any player to change if they regards that the clothing is unsuitable for the image of the tournament.
3. Any player refusing to comply with such a request will be excluded from any further participation in this tournament and shall forfeit the right to receive any prize money.

Besides that, the following (inter-)national rules apply:

Dress Code VTHECDD 2020

For the Vegro The Hague European Championships Disability Darts, the playing attire/dress code by World ParaDarts applies.

Playing attire/dress code by World ParaDarts

  1. If dress code is stated as required for a tournament it is for the whole tournament not just thefinals

  2. Players are not permitted to wear jeans: neither shall they wear trousers or skirts, made with denim or corduroy material which have been fashioned in a “jeans style”.

  1. Trousers should be plain and Black, grey or Navy blue in colour

  2. For Bilateral Amputees without prosthetics and in a wheelchair and similar disabilities when a player has loss of both lower limbs and uses a wheelchair Smart plain shorts in Black, Navy or Grey can be worn. Shorts must not be made of denim or Corduroy material.

  3. No “Tracksuit” attire

  4. Darts shirts with collars to be worn

  5. No training shoes will be allowed unless the Player provides written medical reasons from a qualified practitioner (submitted at least 24 hours before the tournament to the Tournament Director). Players must wear acceptable footwear, plain dark shoes, black trainers (if for medical reasons) or dark ankle high boots only.

  1. Players are permitted to wear sweatbands on their wrists.

  2. No headphones or headgear including Head sweatbands may be worn other than on religious grounds, or medical grounds with written medical reasons from a qualified practitioner (submitted at least 24 hours before the tournament to the Tournament Director), shall be worn without the prior permission of the Tournament Director following a written application from the Player.

  3. Players are not permitted to wear anything over their approved Playing Attire during Match play, in any introductions, match play on stage, interviews and presentations, other than at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

  1. In all Darts Events the Playing Attire of any participating Player shall be subject to the Tournament Director approval. Any unacceptable Playing Attire must be changed before that Player can participate in any introductions, Match-play, interviews or presentations.

  1. Any Player refusing to meet with the Tournament Directors requirements in respect of Playing Attire shall be liable to forfeit that respective match.

  2. Any player who cannot confirm to the Dress code on medical grounds needs to contact the

Tournament Director before the closing date for the registration of the tournament the player wishes to play in to discuss suitable alternatives.

If not already mentioned above, and as a addendum, the general NDB Darts dress code as stated below, also applies:

General clothing regulations NDB Darts

At all times, club expressions in any form (football, motorcycle or otherwise) are not allowed.


The trousers may not be decorated with embellishments, decorative nails, zippers, etc., no jeans/jeans fabric or jeans model pants, and no corduroy and (fake) leather pants. No training pants or casual pants with elastic on the top and/or bottom. A skirt (at least on the knee) is allowed for ladies, but it may not be fitted with including embroidery, decorative nails, zippers or other decorations and therefore also covered in color, none jeans/corduroy fabric or (fake) leather. Leggings and miniskirts are not allowed.


This includes a darts shirt with collar and sleeves, a polo shirt with collar and sleeves or a blouse/shirt with collar and sleeves. T-shirts with round neck, v-neck, or otherwise are not allowed. Nor are short shirts or shirts showing the navel visible. Also football shirts or shirts that according to the competition management have a provocative effect are not allowed.


A headgear that is worn out of religious belief is permitted.

Any player who thinks that they may deviate from the clothing regulations for medical reasons of the NDB ranking circuit can submit a request for this well in advance of the event at the secretariat of the NDB.

They will carefully assess this request and request a medical certificate if necessary. If they grant the request, the player may deviate from the valid clothing regulations. A written confirmation of this will be received. This written confirmation must be available at all times at the event to which the dress code applies.

Only the designated officials decide whether a pants/shirt/headgear is or is not.

Despite everything, you still manage to appear on your competition course in incorrectly prescribed clothing then you can be taken out of the tournament right away.

Players must protest before the start of the match if they believe that the opponent does not comply with the dress code.

Protests regarding the clothing regulations that are not made before the start of the competition

submitted will not be considered. Which means that the protest has no influence on the result of the match in question.