1. The 2020 Vegro The Hague European Championships Disability Darts (VTHECDD) is open, for the individual part, to all players with a proven disability, according to the rules and regulations of the WDF.
2. There will be two individual tournaments: one for wheelchair players and one for standing players. A player can only enter one of these tournaments.
3. There will also be a tournament where national teams (consisting of two standing players, two wheelchair players and a coach) will attend; for this event, the representing union, as named to the organization, can enter two teams.
4. In case there is, besides this representing union, a national union, that is also organizing disability darts, the representing union can enter one team and the national team can also enter one team.
5. The entry fee for the individual tournaments is € 20 per player, € 30 for pairs and for the national teams it will be € 75 per team. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS. If an invoice is not paid within six weeks after the invoice date, the organisation is entitled to exclude the player(s) of competing during the tournament.
6. There will be a draw for all three tournaments, no seeded players.
7. After filling out the entry form on the web site (, you will receive a confirmation of receipt with an entry number (not the hotel code mentioned later). You will be asked to send proof by of disability as mentioned below, by email.
8. To prove their disability, a player needs to send a complete filled out and signed assessment form (an example can be provided by request to Contestants to previous editions of the (Vegro) The Hague VTHECDD don’t need to send this form again. Players who send the official assesment form to the their representing union – AND  thus are registered – don’t have to submit a new form.
9. Upon receipt and approval of this assessment form, you will receive another email, with payment details for the tournament entry.
10. Upon receipt of your payment, we will send you the hotel registration form, which can be used to book the hotel room with our discount.
11. The organization of the VTHECDD has partnered with a hotel and reserved limited rooms for players, only for the duration of the tournament.
12. The matches will start at the following times: Friday 10:00 hrs. (might be earlier beacause of the Parade of players), Saturday 10:30 hrs. and Sunday 12:00 hrs. All matches will be played at the Lourdeskerk in Scheveningen.
13. Players who reach the semi finals must hand over a USB stick with their walk-on music, in the organization room at the venue, at the latest within 15 minutes after the last games ends on Saturday. National teams reaching the final need to send their national anthem upon registration.
14. The opening times of the venues will be announced.