COVID-19 – Corona Virus

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COVID-19, the Corona virus, and the Vegro The Hague European Championships Disability Darts

Of course, the Corona virus also keeps us very busy, not least because the tournament could not continue on the originally planned date, in May. Fortunately, we have found new dates and the tournament is now on the calendar from October 16-18, 2020. But we are taking special measures for the safety of the players, crew and officials, our guests and visiting fans. We are in contact and consultations with the Haaglanden Safety Region, the Municipality of The Hague and the Dutch Dartsbond NDB about what is possible and what is not. A lot will change in government policy between then and now, but we stick to all the rules and more than that.

We are lucky that, because it is a European Championship, we had already hired a professional first aid team (in addition to the already highly qualified people within our own crew). The team is led by Miranda van Wezendonk, an ICU in daily life, who is also a manager at an emergency room.

Everyone who enters is taken with an infrared thermometer, so without contact, the temperature is taken (every time, ie outside and coming back, is a new scan). If it turns out that someone has a fever, or otherwise suspicious symptoms, Miranda is called in for a further assessment. In case of doubt, a doctor is consulted. People who are classified as Corona suspect do not come to us. We discuss whether we should arrange for transportation to a doctor or whether they should be transported to a hospital. We take absolutely no risks.

In addition, we strictly adhere to a distance of one and a half meters, provided that it is still mandatory; that seems to us. We have running lines, signage and a system where players have an assigned place when their opponent plays. They are only allowed to go to the oh when the opponent has taken his or her own waiting position. This is monitored by our crew throughout the game.

Our crew receives protective clothing from us, with masks, glasses, hat and gloves; if needed we will also provide them with aprons. Everything of medical quality, disposable and it is always replaced on time (for example, mouth masks only work for 100% for three hours). We have three toilets and at the entrance to those toilets is a crew member-1 with three cups (trophies) of 30cm high. If you go to the toilet, you will receive such a cup and hand it in afterwards to crew member-2, who disinfects the toilet and also does this with the cup, before crew member-1 gets it back. No cup available at crew member-1, then the toilet cannot be used. We use the same system for the players area, where a maximum of six players can throw in at the same time.

For the time being, we take into account a maximum of 100 people in the building, including the crew. We adjust the schedules accordingly. Some of the participants will play in the morning and another part in the afternoon. For the lagging players and fans we will set up a special room at the Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenade, where the players and crew will stay and we will show a number of encoded live streams; every game can be seen there, regardless of which court it is played on. We will ask for a small entrance fee for the non-players (the extra costs we have to incur due to the virus are quite substantial), players have free access. We apply the same rules there as in the playroom. Only, due to the larger amount of toilets, the hotel’s toilet rules will apply. We also have the temperature scan upon entry (also every time), the ‘specially dressed’ crew, the walking lines and so on.

With our measures we go much further than we need. Because we know that all people are vulnerable and most participants are extra vulnerable. That is also why we are as careful as possible and we fully follow the recommendations and obligations of the government.

Hans Willink

Tournament Director