1. World ParaDarts playing rules will be used with only slight alteration there to, which are embodied in the following paragraphs.
2. Any player failing to complete any match or who leaves the tournament prematurely without permission from the organizers will forfeit the right to receive any prize money or other monetary reward.
3. At all stages of this tournament there will be a complete ban on smoking and drinking on the stage. Failure to comply with this rule will result in instant disqualification of any player.
4. No chewing gum shall be allowed to be consumed or introduced into the area covered by television by any player during introductions to match play, during any televised interviews either on or off stage and during presentation ceremonies on the stage.
5. Any player’s conduct which is considered to have brought the Sport of Darts into disrepute shall be liable to disciplinary Proceedings being taken against that player.
6. Such Disciplinary Action shall be instigated by the organizers and shall be conducted in accordance the rules and regulations of the World ParaDarts.
7. During match play any player using offensive language or seen to be ‘mouthing’ any offensive language, shall be deemed to have brought the Sport of Darts into disrepute and shall be the subject to Disciplinary Proceedings being taken against that player.
8. When an ‘incident’ occurs which is not specifically covered within these rules, then the organizers decision shall be final and binding.