For those players who are a member of their national team at the VTHECDD 2020, or who entered the pairs tournament, we offer a special catering package for the Friday. The package costs € 50 and consists of:

  • A lunch package
    • Two well-filled sandwiches with meat or cheese made bij ‘Broodje van Dootje’, the best sandwich shop in The Hague
    • A chocolate/candy bar, like Mars or so
    • A savory snack
    • A piece of fruit
  • Five coins for beverages at the venue
  • Dinner at Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenade
    • 3-course dinner, a wee bit simpler than the Saturday dinner, but still great of course
    • Two standard beverages, like soda, beer, wine, tea or coffee

On Saturday evening the VTHECDD organizes a wonderful dinner at the Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenade. Because the organization gives a discount on this dinner as well, each player is allowed to bring one guest. If we say wonderful, we mean wonderful.

Details on the 3-course dinner will follow, but it will also contain a (more fancy than Friday) 3-course dinner and two standard beverages.

If you or your guest has allergies and/or dietary requirements please also mention them on the tournament registration form (not the hotel registration).

The VTHECDD will give a discount of € 20 on the Saturday dinner, ordered by a registered player and just for the player and one guest. Players who already paid for the dinner, will receive a credit invoice and the difference will be reimbursed.